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Concrete Delivery Fleet

Modern Fleet
Our modern fleet is made up of conventional truck mixers with capacities of 3-8 cubic metres, telescopic conveyor mixers with reaches of 16 metres.

Local Area Knowledge
Customers will only ever speak to someone who is not only familiar with our range of products but also with your particular requirements and will have good knowledge of the local area.

Ready Mixed Concrete
Ready mixed concrete is produced to order and our sales staff will be more than happy to guide you on what type of concrete you need if you do not know already.

Will the TG Concrete Mixer fit in?

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TG Concrete Conveyors

How TG Concrete Conveyors Can Assist You:

TG Concrete Conveyors are specifically designed to deliver concrete into those hard to reach areas previously inaccessible by the standard concrete mixer.

These impressive remote controlled conveyors can reach up to 16 metres (55 feet) with a swing rotation of 310° and a maximum height reach of 8.5 metres (28 feet).

To complement TG Concrete Conveyors we can also arrange a concrete pumping service for the larger more complex pours providing a complete placing service for both builders and DIY customers.

We are happy to provide you with FREE professional advice including a demonstration and site visit.

For more information or guidance on pricing, please contact our sales team on 01691 626262 or enquire online.

TG Concrete is produced to the British and European Standards of BS8500 and BS EN 206-1.

When you buy ready mixed concrete from TG Concrete, you are getting a high quality product and the peace of mind that goes with accreditation to national standards.

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