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Quality Assurance

When you buy ready mixed concrete from TG Concrete, you are getting a high quality product and the peace of mind that goes with accreditation to British and European Standards. The stamp of quality is assured by the fact that the company has been awarded British Standard Institute certification, the best-known and truly third party independent certification mark for ready mixed concrete.

The Kitemark® is the world's premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality. Manufacturers having this associated with their product or service will reassure customers and specifiers alike that they have satisfied the most rigorous of quality processes.

BSI Kitemark operates a wide range of Kitemark schemes covering concrete and masonry as well as offering a full CE Marking service for cement based products, aggregates, admixtures, building limes and other similar products.

Our service includes a Kitemark® scheme that covers cements conforming to EN 197-1. This also entitles the manufacturer to receive an EC Certificate of Conformity from BSI for the purposes of CE marking under the EU Construction Products Directive.

Kitemark® schemes

  • BS EN 206-1 and BS 8500 - Ready mixed concrete
  • EN 197-1 Portland cement
  • BS 146 Portland blastfurnace cement
  • BS 4027 Sulfate-resisting Portland cement
  • BS 5224 Masonry cement
  • BS 6588 Portland pulverised-fuel ash cements

Ready-mixed concrete is certified by BSI for conformity to BS EN 206-1 and its UK complementary standard BS 8500 Parts 1 and 2. The assessment involves the examination of the supplier’s quality management system to BS EN ISO 9001, the acceptability of the suppliers factory production control including the plant, personnel and equipment, and the technical and production processes.

BSI certifies each individual plant producing ready-mixed concrete. The full scope of certification is given on the Kitemark® Licence Schedule and individual plant certificates of entitlement are awarded annually to each certified plant, which include the addresses of the certified plants (copies of which the licensee can supply). Certification is withdrawn on plants where the licensee fails to maintain the necessary production standards.

As part of the Ready Mixed Concrete Scheme, BSI operates a register of licensed companies. This is a detailed list of plants certified under the Kitemark® product conformity certification scheme. TG Concrete is proud to be part of this scheme after having been a Founder Member of both the British Ready Mixed Concrete Association (BRMCA), in 1957, and the Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSRMC), in 1984.

Tudor Griffiths Health & Safety
These philosophies are set out in the TG Group Health & Safety Policy.
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TG Concrete is produced to the British and European Standards of BS8500 and BS EN 206-1.

When you buy ready mixed concrete from TG Concrete, you are getting a high quality product and the peace of mind that goes with accreditation to national standards.

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