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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some common questions and answers on a variety of concrete related topics. Can’t find what you’re looking for then please contact us.

Where can TG Concrete supply me?
TG Concrete make deliveries throughout North Shropshire, West Cheshire, North Wales and Mid Wales, see locations map for further details.
How do I contact TG Concrete?
You can contact us by:
Telephone: 01691 626262


Email enquiry form: Here


Tudor Griffiths Limited
Wood Lane
SY12 0HY
How much concrete will I need?
TG Concrete is supplied in cubic metres, from 1 cubic metre upwards in 0.5 cubic metre quantities. Once you have your measurements use our Concrete Calculator to work out how much you need. Try not to mix up metric and imperial, but if you have, our calculator can still work it out for you.
How heavy is concrete?
One cubic metre of TG Concrete will weigh approximately 2.4 tonnes, depending on the source of materials.
What mix should I use?
The mix you should order is dependent upon the application you intend using the concrete for. Different mixes are suitable for different applications. Please click on our Mixes page for details on typical applications.
If you are uncertain or require further help, please contact us on 01691 626262 for advice.
How big are the Truckmixers?
Please view our Concrete Vehicles Dimensions page.
In cases where the Truckmixers cannot reach your project, then alternative methods such as pumping or dumper hire may be necessary.
How much notice do I need to give?
Normally a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for concrete deliveries, however there may be occasions when we can accommodate your delivery in less time. The more notice you can give us, the greater the choice of delivery times available. Call 01691 626262 to discuss your requirements.
How can I pay for my concrete?
Payments may be made by Credit or Debit Card at the time of ordering.
For customers interested in opening a credit account, please contact our Customer Care Department by email or telephone 01691 626262
What preparations do I need to make?
Please check that a safe and adequate access has been provided – see Truckmixer Dimensions. We may request you sign an indemnity if access from the roadway is considered unsuitable.
Make sure all those coming into contact with the product use appropriate safety equipment and protective footwear and clothing. Concrete is an alkaline and abrasive product and can cause burns and skin disease, see Health & Safety data sheets.
How long before the concrete goes hard?
Once Water is added to the mix at the plant, the chemical reaction commences and concrete starts to set between 1-2 hours from then. Setting times are dependent upon local weather conditions and the type of concrete ordered.
The concrete will require protective curing to prevent problems such as cracking, typically using a spray-on membrane or covering with plastic sheeting as soon as possible after placing.
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