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COSHH Requirements for Concrete

COSHH requirements for Concrete

Under the COSHH requirements our products are analysed to identify the composition, ingredients and potential hazards associated with the product. Data sheets are available by clicking here or on request from our Health and Safety Office at our Head Office address.

A health warning: Caution for everybody handling cementitious material, concrete and screed.
  • Fresh concrete or screed can cause serious burns to skin and eyes as well as skin disease and dermatitis. Do not swallow.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals. Immediately wash off any fresh cementitious material from the skin and thoroughly washout any affected eye. If swallowed do not induce vomit but seek medical advice.

Make sure everyone handling or coming into contact with fresh concrete or screed receives this warning!

  • Concrete is highly alkaline and can cause burns. Prolonged skin contact can cause severe irritation.
  • Wear protective clothing (such as goggles, gloves, impervious boots, trousers and long sleeved clothing). Immediately remove any clothing or item saturated with cementitious material and wash thoroughly before reuse.
  • Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or in the case of doubt.
  • We strongly recommend that you wear non-porous clothing with long sleeves plus gloves, boots and knee pads.
  • If concrete splashes onto your skin or into your eyes, wash without delay.
  • Remember, concrete is heavy. Do not risk hurting yourself by attempting to move more than you can comfortably wheel in a barrow.

TG Concrete is produced to the British and European Standards of BS8500 and BS EN 206-1.

When you buy ready mixed concrete from TG Concrete, you are getting a high quality product and the peace of mind that goes with accreditation to national standards.

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