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TG Coloured Concrete

In the last few years, concrete has been increasingly chosen for all types of floor finishes. The TG Coloured Concrete range can add a whole new dimension to your project. It can be used wherever conventional concrete is specified and can be colour-matched to blend with the surrounding area or help your project stand out from the crowd.

Coloured concrete provides a permanent, cost-effective alternative to decorative surface coatings and brings colour and texture to a wide range of structures – from driveways, footpaths, patios, paths, flooring and facades to car parks and shops. It’s available in more than 20 different colours and is both durable and adaptable.

Coloured concrete is popular with customers in both the commercial and domestic sectors. Homeowners are increasingly becoming more aware of the various benefits of concrete over other materials with it being long-wearing, low maintenance, and relatively inexpensive. Also, because concrete is a green building material, environmentally conscious consumers like using it.

TG Concrete have been in the forefront of helping customers create something they will be proud of by utilising this innovative concept of turning concrete into a decorative eye-catching feature.


  • Architectural design – create a feature or tone with the surroundings
  • Public buildings – e.g. shops, showrooms, schools, etc
  • Walkways and cycle paths – demarcation for safer pedestrians and cyclists
  • Parking – parking bays
  • Leisure – use in skate parks and sports centres
  • Industrial flooring – brighter colours for safer working
  • Domestic – for driveways, patios and domestic use


  • Enhanced design flexibility – decorative and textured finishing techniques and effects
  • Colour consistency – throughout each batch and from batch to batch
  • Fade resistance – to sun and weather
  • Durable – long lasting with little or no maintenance
  • Wide range of colours available – extensive standard range with bespoke options available

Click on one of the samples below to see the full range of Coloured Concrete that we supply!

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