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Cemfloor produces a smooth durable floor of industrial quality with a minimum application thickness of 45mm that can be pumped or poured.

Benefits of using Cemfloor

  • Cemfloor liquid Screed promises improved strength to the base of your structure.
  • Complies with EN13813 regulations, offering far more resilient and professional flooring finishes.
  • Quick drying properties enable an early return to use of foot traffic in 24 hours and heavy traffic after 4 days.
  • Increased speed of installed. (up to 2000m2 per day)
  • Reduced build times. (Floor coverings can be applied faster)
  • Certified material with full batch records and test results.
  • Consistency in quality from job to job.
  • Reduced risk of shrinkage, cracking, or curling.
  • Can be laid at reduced depths.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint.
  • Lower heating costs.
  • No risk of any reactions taking place with other construction materials.
  • Compatible with most types of flooring adhesives including fast track tile adhesives.
  • Can be used in areas susceptible to water spillage without risk of deterioration.

Drying of Cemfloor Screed

  • Cemfloor Screed must be allowed to adequately dry out before floor coverings are applied.
  • Drying time is dependent on the ambient drying conditions on-site.
  • After 24 - 48 hours the screed area should be ventilated to allow moisture in the area above the screed escape.
  • After 7 Days underfloor heating can be started to help speed up the drying out process.
  • Commissioning of underfloor heating must be completed before any floor covering are applied.
  • Certain tile adhesives can be applied without having to dry out the screed completely.
  • Using the correct adhesives on non heated screed; tiles can be applied in as little as 5 days after laying.
  • Screed must be dried as per the specification of the floor covering manufacturer.

Cemfloor Compatibility

  • Cemfloor uses the most common binder of all construction materials - Cement.
  • No risk of reactions taking place when used with the vast majority of other materials.
  • Compatible with most standard floor coverings including tiles, carpets, timber floors, Vinyl etc...
  • Cemfloor is also compatible with common concrete additives.(Retarders, Accelerators, Colourings etc...)
  • No issues when hardened Cemfloor comes into contact with water.
  • Cemfloor screeds can also be polished and used as a finished floor.

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