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The Tudor Griffiths Group's involvement with supply of aggregates dates back to the 1930’s, when the lease was acquired to a then small sand & gravel pit at Wood Lane, just outside Ellesmere in North Shropshire.

At that time the pit was operated largely by pick and shovel, but the operations were soon mechanised with the introduction of steam engines. After the Second World War it was recognised that increased mechanisation and technological development would be the only way that the Wood Lane quarry could economically and efficiently produce sand and gravel in a viable and competitive manner.

To be able to sustain the type of capital expenditure that would be required, the first step was to broaden and secure a more guaranteed market place for the aggregates produced at Wood Lane. Therefore in 1960 a ready mixed concrete plant was established at Wood Lane.

At that time it was the most westerly concrete plant in the Midlands, and consequently it supplied concrete throughout North and Mid Wales.

The Group’s operations encompass a network of 12 ready mixed concrete plants strategically located to cover Cheshire and Shropshire, across mid Wales to the Llyn Peninsula.

Wood Lane Quarry continues to be the largest sand & gravel quarry in North Shropshire and to sustain supplies of aggregates to the concrete plants in Wales, the Group also operates the only sand & gravel quarry in Gwynedd, the Cefn Graianog Quarry located between Porthmadog and Caernarfon.

To provide additional supplies of sand to the North Wales market, the Group also has a sea-dredged sand marketing business on the dock quay-side at Port Penrhyn, Bangor.

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